It’s really a difficult adjustment when you have been accustomed to a full-speed-ahead life and then you realize that you are sacrificing your health, friendships and time with God for money and stress you really don’t need. Don’t get misunderstand me, it’s nice to go on vacations and buy nice things, BUT is it really […]

Jeri is fascinating. She has a powerful testimony of being an over-comer, but Jeri is ah-mazing! I look at her and think, “I really need to work out more often.” I also want to point out this rock-star is 60!! I remember going to my grandma’s house and thinking “Gosh, she’s old.” I don’t know if […]

She prayed, and God answered. Sunshine, pleasant temperatures and He sent a gentle, whispering breeze to provide the perfect wonderland for this princess’ special day. The anticipation rose, I held back tears as I watched that long, black limousine  pull up with the bridal party. When the chauffeur opened the door Brittany overflowed with beauty and […]

Ring, Ring (actually it’s the Scampering Tone), I briefly glanced at my phone…. that area code looks like a tele-marketer; certainly not a local number (Insert Eyeroll here). Maybe if I’m rude from the beginning they will NOT try to sell me anything.  The conversation went something like this: Me – “Hello.” Said in the […]

“Not everyone can live with one of their Hero’s, but I’m one of the lucky ones!” That’s right! That is what Mike said about his lovely wife Ashley on a Facebook post I read. I know, right now all the ladies are saying, “aweeee”. Smiling to myself, I thought about how sweet this couple is […]

You know how you see something and you think, “That seems like it would be fun.”? That’s what I thought when I was seeing all these gorgeous photographs being posted across the web from different “Ugly Location” challenges.  Don’t get me wrong, when I go to Hobby Lobby, all I think is, “Take my money.” […]

As I was introducing my guests to each other during one of my classes they were like, “Oh, Milk Bath Annie!?”  It hit me that Annie was famous, well kind of. It seems that Annie has always been a part of my life.  You see we moved into our home in 1999 and she was […]

As tears streamed down her face, she shared with me she was in the midst of a divorce. She took her Kleenex and wiped away the tears as she told me how emotionally and physically deprived she had felt over their 20-year marriage. 

We made it! Valentine’s Day is history!…for this year. Now what? As you read in “24 Shades of Love” my husband and I pay careful attention to our relationship. Perhaps this is because we are older, wiser and have experienced life a little longer. We have learned that nothing is more important than keeping your […]

  Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching; many people are hoping that their significant other will remember and surprise them with something that shows them just a little appreciation and forethought.  Just a little something…maybe for some it is a stretch just to remember the day is February 14th !! Psychology Today magazine said that 63 percent […]

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