Thriving, Not Just Surviving

“Not everyone can live with one of their Hero’s, but I’m one of the lucky ones!” That’s right! That is what Mike said about his lovely wife Ashley on a Facebook post I read. I know, right now all the ladies are saying, “aweeee”. Smiling to myself, I thought about how sweet this couple is and how honored I am that they chose me to take their family photographs.


Mike and I developed a friendship a few years back when we both worked for the same school district. I was the Transportation Director (that’s right, they trusted me to get your children to and from school), Mike was the awesome technology guru and Ashley, his wife, whom I had not met yet was a teacher at our middle school.


Mike would stop by my office to assist me in whatever low-end user problem I was having and we would have these discussions about life. He consistently spoke of Ashley with deep respect and admiration. One day he stopped by and I told him I was leaving my job to go into photography full-time. We talked about how important it was to be doing what made your heart happy and he told me that Ashley would probably be leaving her job at the end of the year also.  Their desire was for Ashley to be able to focus on their family and to have control of her TIME!!I perked up because she was so young to leave her job. He excitedly told me about this business venture that she had been on with Thrive through a company called Le-Vel. Of course I was like, “What’s that?” Apparently, Mike was skeptical at first too.


This is how it started: “Mike was so skeptical. He had to pick all the ingredients apart and take it to the doctor just to be sure he knew what his wife was taking. Make sure it was safe since it had her vacuuming at 9 o’clock at night. She was a school teacher, wife and Mama who just wanted to feel better. This product made her become a better version of herself.”


What is Le-vel you  may be asking? “Le-Vel represents premium grade nutrition in three easy steps in the first 30 minutes of one’s day. The lifestyle capsules, lifestyle mix, and world’s only wearable nutrition work together to fill in nutritional gaps in an individual to put their mind and body at peak performance levels. The products promote a clean energy, healthy joint function, relief from body aches & discomforts, mental clarity, more restful sleep, digestive support, weight management etc.”


Ummm, yeah, so in just under three years, they are doing okay with it: The month of May brought $522,000 in online orders for the Wilhelm team. In June they will enjoy their seventh earned lifestyle getaway with Le-Vel. 2 to Las Vegas, 1 to San Francisco, 1 to New Orleans, 1 to Punta Cana, 1 to Puerto Vallarta, and in June San Francisco.


Mike and Ashley have over 46 autobonus earners on their team including themselves who no longer have to worry about the second largest monthly bill for most households, their car payment! Let’s all applaud for that nice little Caddy she is driving! 


Le-Vel provided a cloud based opportunity for Ashley to build into the nooks and crannies of her day and develop into a full time business after 14 years in public education. The product helps others to live a quality of life that they deserve and she now helps other family’s duplicate the same strategies to provide flexibility, options, and ultimately freedom to their own family’s.


In addition to working Le-Vel they also run a very unique online business

Erica Dawn was created in honor of Ashley’s late sister Erica and as a way to give back to local special needs organizations. Mike came up with the idea of creating an online boutique with a low overhead to keep the fashions affordable for every budget. He designed the website and works closely with the various distributors. This idea came about due to the cloud based opportunity that Le-Vel brought to Ashley and Mike’s family and in their love of paying it forward to others. 


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