Hobby Lobby Challege

You know how you see something and you think, “That seems like it would be fun.”?

That’s what I thought when I was seeing all these gorgeous photographs being posted across the web from different “Ugly Location” challenges.  Don’t get me wrong, when I go to Hobby Lobby, all I think is, “Take my money.”

They are super smart about their presentation of beautiful home decor. As soon as I walk in that store, I think I need to redecorate my entire house.  Honestly, I would be happy to redecorate your house from Hobby Lobby too, just call me. I asked (you all already know what I’m going to say) Annie if she was up for fun and of course she was all in, as usual.

I thought I would be polite and first ask permission from Hobby Lobby.  I called the store and spoke to two people, the last telling me I needed to call corporate to get permission. I was given a number, which was wrong…emmm I’ll take the blame for that as I am notorious for sometimes writing numbers down incorrectly.  Finally, I called corporate to get permission to go into the store and do the challenge.  I thought this was odd, as this is great advertisement for Hobby Lobby, but I called anyway and left a message. Crickets. In their defense, maybe that person was on vacation or sick….although, still crickets.

This is the wide shot to show you what we were working with.

Annie called and said she was getting off work early that Friday and so we decided sometimes in life you have to just ask for forgiveness instead of permission, right? My husband, Stan was supposed to video this for us but he had to go work for….well, God. So I had to let him off the hook. Sorry, no video:(

…and then there’s this!

It was a little nerve-racking, at first, because you really don’t know what you are going to do when you get there.

You just take what is available and create.

The entire time I was thinking, “What can we do with that?” What we said was, “Oh look at that, how about that? Oh my, I should buy that.”

There’s this…..

…and then there’s this


Of course, I would see things out of reach, but good ole Annie would go for it.

There was a little hesitation, she was like, “Is that strong enough to hold me?”

Um, yeah, you’re like 100 lbs!

Cotton, the new accessory:)


We ventured around store looking for items to use. We made it to the material area when we realized that we had been made.  Soon after, as we mosied toward the t-shirt, hat, art area we noticed that the same worker was stalking us. We caught the manager slipping through our area several times. We tried to be sneaky and keep the camera hidden but we sensed that we had been had. After a quiet briefing, we decided we best put the camera away and high-tail it out of there before we went to craft store jail. That would have been embarrassing.

My favorite picture is the one that makes her look like a Greek goddess. Which one is your favorite? You can see more of these in the Facebook album I posted earlier this week.

We did purchase a couple of items, because who leaves Hobby Lobby without getting something?

This is the little gem that I bought. In living a more simple life, I am making my own chemical-free hand soap. If you are like me you needed to see what that purchase was or the story would not be complete!

There were no animals injured during the filming, I mean photographing, of this scene.

Oh how I love the greens in this!


  1. Lou Ann says:

    Love love love it. You two are a great pair. I used to do this with the teenage girls I would mentor.

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