A Kiss from Chrissy

As I was introducing my guests to each other during one of my classes they were like, “Oh, Milk Bath Annie!?”  It hit me that Annie was famous, well kind of. It seems that Annie has always been a part of my life.  You see we moved into our home in 1999 and she was already a fixture in the neighbor’s yard.

I watched Annie grow into the beautiful young lady she is today.  I would always be intrigued with Annie’s outfits. I loved when I would see her, walking by my house after school and I would think, “She could live in Europe.”  Her outfits reminded me of the ones you used to see on Facebook that were already put together, but you never knew where to find them.

First modeling job. It was cold, extremely cold. Can you believe no make-up here!!?

When I first started growing in photography I asked Annie if she would like to be my “model”.  I remember the very first shoot. It was cold, extremely cold.  It was a cold that could be felt like no other. We met early in the morning between our yards and since then had been my “go to” model of choice!

With every new lens and look there was a text between us that read, “Hey I got a new lens!”, or “I’ve got an idea”! How about dressing up like a grunge, rocker-girl in a prom gown picking apples?!?! What are your thoughts about a “super grunge winter look with pink eyes ?!?!?!”

She will try anything! Don’t you love this look she put together? I gave her a picture for inspiration and va-voom!

Annie’s response was always quick and confident stating “I’m game!” or “I love it!” She has done this so many times I’m afraid people will think she is Chrisstan’s Mascot!!! Literally, we don’t even really need to talk during a shoot at this point, we can speak in grunts, thus having our own photo shoot language of sorts!

Not only does Annie model for me, but she shares my enthusiasm for photography. You will often see her assisting me on photoshoots. She will have all my equipment cleaned up before I even realize what is going on in addition to sharing great thoughts and ideas with me.  Good help is hard to find, but I found the best of the best!

Milk Bath Annie

After that initial “Oh, milk bath Annie?!” I started thinking about writing a special blog about Annie. I contacted her mom and said, “Do you have a picture of Annie from when she was younger that I can use on my blog?”


Her mom sent me a picture of Annie as a little girl with a set of lips stenciled in lipstick on the side of her face! I remembered those lips in a heartbeat…as if it was yesterday!!!! Those lips were captured in a timeless memory because they came straight from MY LIPS! I about fell over!!! I used to do that to all the kids…in red at that. It was fun to see them either try to wipe it off (and of course you couldn’t because it stained), or to watch them just walk around all day, smiling with pride to have bright red lips on their faces! What was the most important thing about this for me is that the children knew I loved them and that at my house EVERY child felt loved and safe. My Annie was one of those kiddos and because of that small bond years ago, our relationship has shifted and grown into one that supports, challenges, and respects one another as fun-loving adults!

Stay tuned for our next adventure! The Challenge that is taking the world by storm…. The famous Hobby Lobby Challenge. If you haven’t seen or heard of it please take a moment and Google it. We might even go live on Facebook for this one!!!!!

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