24 Shades of Love


Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching; many people are hoping that their significant other will remember and surprise them with something that shows them just a little appreciation and forethought.  Just a little something…maybe for some it is a stretch just to remember the day is February 14th !!

Psychology Today magazine said that 63 percent of the people who report feelings of loneliness are currently married. It jolted me to the reality that that’s a lot of people.

Dr. David Clarke: But a lady will love a man with every ounce of her heart until she’s finally … and not having… being honest about her needs or “I’m very unhappy,” until the last day. And then when that last (Sound of snap) ounce is gone, boom! I call it hitting the wall. She’s done. And you literally cannot … other than an act of God, get that woman back. She’s through.

Your relationship should be your most prized possession yet  many people treat it as an afterthought.    Life seems to take over and instead of controlling life we let it control us.  Maybe we end up in front of the television every night or at the ball game. Eventually, we are worlds apart wondering how we arrived there. Sounds pretty daunting, huh?

What would happen if every month, twice a month, you intentionally set aside time just for you and your loved one. In all honesty, my husband is much better at this than I am; however, I have my moments.  A couple of years ago for Valentine’s Day I presented him with an envelope that I bought at Target for around $1.

Inside that envelope were 24 little folded secrets.  My “24 Shades of Love”. Two for every month, one said “Inside” and the other said “outside”.  At the beginning of every month he was allowed to open the two that went with that month.  Guess who was up first thing on the first of every month with their envelopes? Our preferences and price ranges may be different from yours, but get creative. We love to hike, he likes to watch Star Wars and Red Green(over and over again…sigh), he loves to watch the stars outside (even when its cold), we love to ride our bikes, massages, we both love popcorn …..these don’t cost a cent, just some time set aside intentionally.  This time says, “You are important to me”.  So an example of one of our months is October.  The “Red-In” card said, “Stan, you choose a day and I will cook supper (your choice) and we will watch Back to the Future (with popcorn!). The “Pink-Out” card said, “Stan, we are heading to Old Rag!”. Old Rag is a huge mountain that took us 10 hours to conquer (quality time).

We had the best time climbing Old Rag. It was an adventure for sure. Tested us and made us work together! Awesome time!


For the month of August (his birthday) I tried to make it extra special by pointing out how I thought he was S.U.P.E.R.

This was for his birthday!


Don’t forget those dates nights should regularly include access to the “promised land”.  For most men, nothing says I love you more.

If you are a gentleman reading this then, “Not tonight honey, you just rest.” says I love you to her.


Why don’t  you try the challenge of 24 Shades of Love? It might change everything.









Comment below or send me a private note and let me know how it works out!

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