Dream Wedding, 15 Years Later, Same Love

Dreamy White Dress

Dreamy White Dress! She had good taste 15 years ago!

Every girl’s dream wedding? The long, white, sequined, dress with a beautiful train; the bouquet, the decorations, the cake,  the vows, the pastor, unity sand and of course the awesome pictures.

Imagine waiting 15 years for your dream wedding to come true.

I woke up to this message from our neighbor:

“…Jeffrey and I’s 15th wedding anniversary is January 23. I have just a handful of photos from our wedding day at the JP. Nothing at all to be proud of. I envision this shoot to be an extension of what we never really had…”  

Then later received this, “…I’d like for Jeffrey and I to renew our vows as well and incorporate traditions that we didn’t get to do the first time around. Like the unity sand (we’d like to bring the kids in on this too so it’s a family piece) , cake, and bouquet for me… If this is something you’re willing to run with me on…let me know.” 

My heart popped out of my chest a little. Willing to do? YES! When she said, “Run” she had no idea the permission that gave me!

I love the view from our back yards and I love seeing it used so much in your photography!”

At this point, I am all in. My husband is an inspirational speaker (aka pastor) so why not do the real deal and take this off her regret list?   So I asked her, “My husband is a pastor. Would you want him to do your vows like a real service?”

The Cake

The Cake

I was going to ask if he’d be interested. Didn’t want to be pushy. We would just like to recite the traditional vows with one another and have him pray. I think it’s what we both miss the most from going to the JP the first time.”

We wanted to keep the renewal date as close to her original anniversary date as we could.  January in Pennsylvania lacks environmental beauty, except for the snow and ice; however, we were determined to make it happen, so we picked a date, January 27, 2018.

The week before the wedding she told me that she had planned a wedding 15 years earlier and she still had the dress that she had never worn!  Better yet, Jeffrey had NEVER seen it. 

What?!?!  I got goosebumps and tears at the same time.  We must do a first look photo!

The day came and it is a special day for all of us.  It was a private moment for this family that I was invited to attend.  His face when he saw her in that dress, well, the photo speaks.

The First Look!

The First Look!

We all choked up throughout the day.  What stuck the most to this photographer’s eye is seeing their four children stare intently as they recommitted their love to each other.

Being invited to capture these moments for this family is something that will stay in my heart forever, and hopefully now they can relive them through these photos.

God blessed their day by allowing them to live out their dream wedding 15 years later.  He even gave them the perfect day, an abnormally high 60-degree day at the end of January! It couldn’t have been more perfect and we knew this was God’s special gift to this family.

Unity Sand

Unity Sand


Special thank yous- I Do, You Do (wedding rentals, Saint Thomas, PA) , my wonderful decorators Lisa Sellers, Lakin and Quinton! My son, Cameron & my friend Kelley for helping me think through the most beautiful way to express the importance of this day!


  1. Thank you so very much for asking “I DO, YOU DO” wedding rentals to be involved with making this special day come true.. What an honor it must have been for you.. You did any outstanding job of capturing the love and excitement of the day.. May God Bless their marriage and you for all your efforts in bringing this day together. The photos are gorgeous.

  2. stan mccammon aka (Husband) says:

    How can my wife begin this blog without me saying something? Chrissy is exceptionally gifted, she so deeply desires to make people feel special, and look beautiful. She puts her heart into her photography. In preparation for Jeff and Christina’s wedding renewal, Chrissy relentlessly sought to bring them joy and capture memories with her photos. I have seen her do this time after time for her clients. What a joy for me to share life every day with this amazing woman!!!! Geesh! You would not believe how many times she has taken my picture!

  3. Kim Meyers says:

    Beautifully done, beautifully written, a love story that is an inspiration. This is what love is all about. Simply touching.

  4. Jeffrey & Christina says:

    Jeffrey and I cannot thank you all enough.
    We’ve only ever considered ourselves unconventional. Finding our love and having our first child together so early in our lives, left us handfuls of struggles, defeat, and seeing rock bottom more than once. It also left us plenty of room to grow. We grew as individuals, as a couple, and as a family! So often we find ourselves on different pages but one thing is always the same, the love for our children. Teaching them about love and commitment and faith is hard work. Showing them is even harder! But we all know children learn best from what is CAUGHT not TAUGHT! They have been through the ugly with us so it was an extremely joyous occasion to be able to share this with them!
    So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you! Thank you for buying into our story and making us feel so incredibly special and loved!

    Many blessings to all!
    So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

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